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Recognized for excellence by water treatment professionals around the world

LMI manufactures an extensive line of Chemical Metering PumpspH/ORP Controllers and related accessories for water and wastewater treatment industries.  Electronic and motor-driven pumps are available for flow proportional applications and optional liquid handling configurations to handle slurries and high viscosity chemicals.  All products are in stock for immediate delivery by our distributor network.

Learn Why Steady State Accuracy and Turndown Matter

Learn Why Steady State Accuracy and Turndown Matter

What is turndown, and how do we accurately measure it? Download our educational white paper to learn why steady-state accuracy in conjunction with the turndown of metering pumps matter. Knowing the true turndown is essential, especially when it comes to metering pumps.

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Full control for high precision applications

Stepper motor metering pumps provide several advantages over traditional solenoid or AC driven positive displacement pumps. With their ability to ensure constant dosing and avoid cavitation by providing precise control over stroke, stepper motor metering pumps are the ideal solution for some of the toughest chemical injection applications.

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