New LMI LIQUITRON 7000 Series Controller Brings Advanced Remote Monitoring & Control to Water Treatment Applications

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A Free 90-day trial for the LMI Connect Service is available for a limited time.

IVYLAND, Pa – September 26, 2018 LMI, a leading manufacturer of controlled-volume metering pumps and a brand of Accudyne Industries, today announced the LIQUITRON™ 7000 Series controller, which provides multi-parameter monitoring & control for metering pumps used in boiler feed, cooling tower, industrial and municipal water treatment applications.

LIQUITRON 7000 Series controllers combine the application functionality of existing LMI controllers, such as the DC4000, DC4500, DR5000, and DP5000. Designed to work seamlessly with a new line of probes and accessories, alongside LMI and Milton Roy pumps, the Liquitron 7000 Series remains backwards compatible– facilitating drop-in upgrades for most existing applications.

The new 7000 series controller features a 7-inch (17.8 cm) full-color touchscreen and an intuitive userinterface offering seamless setup and operation in 6 different languages (English, Spanish, German,Chinese, Portuguese and French.) The Setup Wizard simplifies installation with step-by-stepconfigurations for common applications, making it easy to establish sensor parameters and pump setpoints. It also makes it easy to remotely control pump flow rates as process conditions change.

“A controller is the link between metering pumps and the chemistry of any treatment process, so it iscritical for it to be easy to configure, operate and understand,” said Eric Pittman, Global ProductManager, LMI. “LMI is known for ease-of-use right out of the box – and the 7000 Series is no different.The large touchscreen interface makes it easy for water treaters and plant operators to ensure theirsystem is running as designed, whether on-site, or remotely through LMI Connect.”

The LIQUITRON 7500 Model is equipped with an embedded 4G/LTE cellular modem for connection to the LMIConnect, Smart Monitoring Services. This software and wireless connectivity bring remote monitoring& control for controllers, with notifications, alerts and reports to any mobile device.

A Free 90-day trial for the LMI Connect Service is available for a limited time. For more information,please visit: or contact your localstocking distributor. Members of the media can arrange an interview with LMI by contactingLaurel.Bloch(at)miltonroy(dot)com.

About LMI:
With more than 40 years of industry excellence, LMI manufactures anextensive line of Chemical Metering Pumps, pH/ORP Controllers and related accessories for water andwastewater treatment industries. LMI’s signature yellow and black products are recognized for excellenceby water treatment professionals around the world. Electronic and motor-driven pumps are available forflow proportional applications and optional liquid handling configurations to handle slurries and highviscosity chemicals. All LMI products are in stock for immediate delivery by our distributor network.LMI is a brand of Accudyne Industries, a leading global provider of precision-engineered,process-critical and technologically advanced flow control systems and industrial compressors. For moreinformation, please visit