Maximize Efficiency While Extending Equipment Life


In order to avoid scaling, corrosion, and the accumulation of microbiological activity, it’s important for water to be treated before entering and after exiting an industrial plant.

LMI pumps and controllers are designed for use in a wide range of industrial and commercial water treatment applications, including:

  • Boiler Feeds – Clean water increases the efficiency of steam generation and protects the plant’s boiler and piping infrastructure.
  • Cooling Towers – Our solutions maximize performance and reduce energy costs by eliminating corrosion and preventing scale buildup.
  • Utilities – Properly treating the water in circulating water systems helps you avoid expensive plant de-rates and unplanned outages.
  • Process Water – Accurately metering chemicals helps remove dissolved minerals and other impurities, increasing overall water quality.
  • Waste Water – After use, it’s crucial to treat water with the proper combination of chemicals before it is discharged back into the environment.

Whether it’s for commercial or industrial manufacturing, LMI’s range of pumps and controllers will provide quality water to your process to maximize efficiency and extend the life of your equipment.