LIQUITRON™ 7000 Series Multi-Parameter Controller

Experience the Ultimate Flexibility in Process Control

Water treatment just got easier with the new LIQUITRON 7000 Series controller. When paired with your LMI metering pump, the controller’s 7 inch (17.8 cm) full-color touchscreen and intuitive user interface provides seamless set up and operation. This single controller combines all the application functionality of the four LIQUITRON standard controllers: DC4000, DC4500, DR5000, and DP5000. The LIQUITRON 7000 Series is fully equipped and ready to control your boiler, cooling tower, pH, and ORP applications out of the box.

LMI Connect, Smart Monitoring Service, allows real-time remote system access from desktop or mobile device. Ask your local distributor about activation details and FREE 90-day trial to give you complete remote access anytime from anywhere.

Choosing the right controller for your application has never been easier.
Now more than ever, you can rely on LMI.

  • Multiparameter controller provides conductivity, pH, and ORP control
  • Available with (optional) cloud based LMI Connect™, Smart Monitoring Service Technology provides process analytics and mobile access
  • Durable NEMA 3R housing and clear cover provide a protective enclosure for challenging environments
  • Easy to install, configure, monitor, and maintain
  • Accurate and reliable performance ensure consistent result
  • Boilers
  • Chlorination / De-chlorination
  • Cooling Towers
  • Environmental
  • Food Processing
  • Metal Finishing

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