Core Values and Policies

Core Values and Policies

We will do this by becoming the best most valued partner for our customers and the best place to work for our employees, while also providing the highest returns in the industry to our investors.

Flawless execution drives everything we do as an organization and we are focused on excelling in these key areas: customer intimacy, high ethical standards, corporate citizenship and employee well-being.

Ethics Policies

The Accudyne Industries Code of Ethics applies to Accudyne and its controlled entities, worldwide. In addition to stating rules that govern our actions, the Code is an expression of fundamental values and represents a framework for decision-making. The Code is further explained and implemented by our policy documents.

The underpinnings of ethical business practices at Accudyne are the following:

  • We will obey the law.
  • We will act in good faith.
  • We will consider the impact of our decisions on our stakeholders and seek fair resolutions.
  • We will communicate openly and effectively with our stakeholders.
  • We will seek always to build trust, show respect and perform with integrity.

The integrity, reputation and profitability of Accudyne ultimately depend upon the individual actions of our officers, employees and representatives.

Core Values

Our policies define what we expect of ourselves and our business partners throughout the world, to help ensure we conduct business according to our core values.

We are committed to becoming a world-class company that meets and exceeds expectations of our key stakeholders:

  • Our customers
  • Our channel partners
  • Our employees
  • Our investors